The Team

Dr. Dietmar Schantin - IFMS Media - Founder and Principal

Dietmar Schantin has helped to transform the editorial and commercial operations of media brands around the world: from the Telegraph Media Group, Handelsblatt Germany, Ringier Switzerland, the Hindustan Times, New Zealand Herald, to the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones.

Dietmar is a trusted voice on business strategy, audience and market insight, technology and organisational strategies.

He founded the IFMS Media LTD in 2012 after serving as Executive Director of WAN-IFRA, the global association of news publishers. At WAN-IFRA, Dietmar was as a board member responsible for the organisation’s world-wide consultancy, training and events programme geared to aid media organisation’s integration and development of digital platforms.

His career began as a studio manager at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, followed by five years as a project leader and senior consultant in Switzerland in the telecommunications and FMCG industries. After he moved back to Austria in 2001, he became the Managing Director of a spin-off of Styria Media Group, specialising in applying digital know-how to traditional businesses.

Based in UK and Austria, Dietmar is a familiar face on jury panels of international digital media awards and speaks regularly at international media conferences about growth strategies and business transformation for the media industry.

He holds a Ph.D in Economics and Technology, where his main focus was on business strategy development and business transformation.

mail: d.schantin [at]

IFMS Larry Kilman

Larry Kilman, Associate Director of Communications at the Institute, has more than four decades of media experience with press, broadcast and international news agencies and with government, intergovernmental, private sector and civil society organizations. This gives him a privileged position to witness the transformation of news media today.

Larry, who is also an Assistant Professor in the American Graduate School in Paris, joined the institute in September 2016 from the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA). As Secretary General he was responsible for overseeing WAN-IFRA’s work in press freedom, media development, news literacy, public affairs, innovation and future technologies as well as the activities of the World Editors Forum.

He was also a member of the Advisory Council of the US-based Media Institute’s Global Free Speech and the Internet Program, a Board Member of the News Media Coalition and a Member of the FIFA Media Committee.

Larry worked as a journalist for more than 20 years in Asia, Europe and the United States, primarily with The Associated Press, Radio Free Europe and Agence France-Presse. He also serviced as an editor in the publications section of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a Paris-based intergovernmental economic think tank and research organization.

A native New Yorker, Larry currently lives in Paris, where he is a single father raising a teen-age daughter.

mail: l.kilman [at]

IFMS Pascal Zemp

Pascal Zemp, Associate Senior Consultant for the Institute, specialises in newsroom reorganization and skill development and has wide-ranging experience in merging analog and digital workflows in complex newsrooms environments.

Among other major projects, Pascal was responsible for the widely regarded transformation of Ringer’s “Blick Gruppe”, a three-year venture that created a single newsroom fortogether the daily newspaper Blick, the Sunday newspaper Sonntagsblick, the free evening newspaper Blick am Abend and all their digital channels.

Pascal also has extensive experience transforming newsrooms in eastern Europe, including Blic inBelgrade, Libertatea, in Bucharest, Novy Cas inBratislava, Blesk in Prague and Fakt in Warsaw. With two decades of experience as a journalist – notably at major dailies and weeklies in Switzerland — Pascal has a passion for developing the future of media and contributes by building workflows for sustainable media companies.

mail: p.zemp [at]



Iztok Lemajic works in the field of architecture, interior, furniture and graphics design. With his multidisciplinary orientation he provides an unique approach. In the last ten years he has designed newsrooms for various media companies in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

He worked together with the IFMS for Kleine Zeitung in Austria, Hindustan Times in India or New Zealand Herald where he created innovative space and room concepts that support organisational workflows and communication processes in an optimal and aesthetic way.

Iztok is also founder and CEO of IDFL – Innovative Design For Living – architectural and design company. For his work he received the Plecnik’s medal, which is the main public and the highest professional recognition of Slovenian authors for outstanding creations in the fields of architecture.

mail: iztok.lemajic [at]


Hans Peter Janisch is a designer and a consultant for the newspaper industry since 1989 and a close partner in the network of the Institute. His work focuses on the redesign and launch of newspapers, magazines and corporate publications.

Over the years he worked with numerous clients in Germany, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan and other countries. Next to the work of implementing creative design concepts he is passionately committed to imparting design concepts of visual journalism.

Hans Peter is a lecturer at the Society for News Design, the Center of Journalism Haus Busch, the Journalist Academy and WAN-IFRA. He served as International director for SND for over a decade.

mail: janisch [at]


Christoph Hünermann has been working in knowledge publishing for many years. Beside his content focus he is an expert in developing complementary analog and digital business models for media both B2B and B2C.

As former managing director of Bertelsmann companies such as wissenmedia, and of the JV SPIEGELWissen he implemented projects like The 20th Century Project, The Brockhaus Encyclopedia,,, SPIEGELWissen and various other international media projects digital and print.

Beside popular science he worked intensively on educational programms, personalised media and verticalisation. 2013 he found his own business and is co-founder of OwnwayMedia Ltd, a digital publishing company for special intererst hubs. He works with media companies like dpa, Kosmos Verlag, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung and many others mainly on digital transformation of media business.

At Stuttgart Media University (HdM) Christoph is lecturer on publishing strategies.

Mail: christoph.huenermann [at]