Expertise – IFMS


Digital Transformation Strategy

How should a media organisation function in the future and how does it make the successful transition?

We work with key executives to clarify and define future strategies, mapping out the often complex digital transformation into a digital focused organisation with the required cultural and structural change.

Market intelligence

How can a media organisation truly leverage the potential of its audience?

Working with international market research institutes, we produce bespoke, highly accurate intelligence on audience clusters, brand positioning and identify the potential for market growth in a digital subscription market.

Products and Content

How do relevant and compelling products and contents look like?

Working closely with editors and journalists, we create strategies for customer-focused, interest-based products and services whereby each platform and format has a defined role to successfully engage with its audience.

Workflow Redesign

What is the best practice for transforming workflows in the digital transformation world?

We design tailored workflows and structures which meet the demands of a audience and digital-focused publishing without neglecting print platforms.

Technologie and Workplace Architecture

What infrastructure does a transformed media house need to succeed?

We design and support the specification processes to ensure that the right systems and tools are in place. With experienced architects we design and realise a modern newsroom work environment.

Coaching and Training

What skills are essential for successful digital transformation?

We offer all colleagues – both staff and executives – bespoke workshops, training and coaching programs to develop and enhance skills in digital and cross-media journalism and newsroom management.